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Wisdom-Based Fighter

What does a Wisdom-Based fighter look like?  In response to this prior post, Andy talks about avoiding the pidgin-hole of classes tied to ability scores.  He gives the example of a Wisdom-based fighter.

To me what would really open things up (in theory) is the idea that some fighters might be awesome because they have high wisdom (i.e. they’re very observant and notice their enemies tendencies), because they have high intelligence (i.e. they’re very tactical). Certainly I could see a quarterstaff using fighter archetype be a high wisdom/high intelligence character with moderate strength, for example.

I wanted to expand on what that looks like.  There are a multitude of ways to accomplish this, but all of them add some level of complexity to the design and/or the player.

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Weapon Rules & Complexity


So, I’m going to stew on the ramifications of changing the core attack mechanic away from a hit-damage combo to a one-roll mechanic.

In the meantime, I’m going to talk a little bit about what attacking with different weapons should feel like. You could get real specific with different weapons.  Longswords outreach short swords, spears can attack from a rank back, flails can bypass shields, etc.  You could even go to different attack patterns/maneuvers with each weapon, and allow any class to progress through the ranks of each weapon.

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