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Movement pt 2

This is pt 2 on the topic of movement.  Part 1 can be found here.

I’d like a system that can handle tactical movement too.  If I make a battle map, I want movement to be as natural as possible.  I could assign a ft to inch ratio and we could pull our the measuring tapes like in table-skirmish games, but I’m not quite interested in failed charges and guessing ranges.  As I stated in my design goals, I want to speed up combat, not slow it down with measuring every move.

So, I want a battle grid.  I never quite understood why squares were used instead of hexagons.  I’ll use a hex grid for the game to make movement a bit more natural around the board.  I just need an appropriate scale per hex.  There are some conflicting design issues here.

Small scale: You can have lots of action and movement even in smaller areas.  Size categories make a little more sense.  It’s harder to completely block someone’s movement.

Large Scale: You can fit larger-scaled battles on your table.  You can start to approximate outdoor encounter distances.

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