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Random Level Increases

As the GM, I don’t really have that moment of anxiety when it’s time to roll for hit points on a level-up.  That one roll can be make or break for a character.  If you’re playing strictly to the rules (or in Nightmare mode), a few 1’s for a couple of levels can doom your character.  So the question is, is there really any good reason to be doing this?

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Random Stat Generation

I know that some people like the randomization that comes with rolling your stats.  There main philosophies boil down to:

1. Total Point Buy is as even as it can get.  You get full customization options and you’re never left behind.  This is the character-first method.

2. Rolling a character helps you build a character organically.  You create a character from what you’re given, rather than from some starting concept.  This is the stats first method.  A subset of this method believes that you should generate scores completely randomly, where the averages make you a normal person, so that you can start from humble beginnings or overcome serious deficiencies.

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