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No Random Level Increases

I didn’t get much feedback on this question, which I thought would be an easy one for people to opine on.

So, in the absence of much passionate defense of randomizing hit points when you level up, I think I’ll just go ahead and make a tentative decision.  In Lost Worlds, we will not randomize hit point gains on a level up.  There will be a few other features that will interact with health so that everyone doesn’t have exactly the same hit points, and I just don’t think anyone is going to miss worrying about rolling poorly a few levels in a row for new hit points and becoming a gimped character.

If you have any other thoughts on this, let me know here.


Random Level Increases

As the GM, I don’t really have that moment of anxiety when it’s time to roll for hit points on a level-up.  That one roll can be make or break for a character.  If you’re playing strictly to the rules (or in Nightmare mode), a few 1’s for a couple of levels can doom your character.  So the question is, is there really any good reason to be doing this?

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Hit Points and Healing

I don’t much like the mechanic of healing.

First of all, it stretches my immersion in the game to think about people getting hacked up with swords and axes and fangs and fire, and then walk up to a cleric after the battle and you’re right as rain.  You can keep at it all day long or until your cleric’s god (whom you don’t even worship) stops granting minor miracles for the day.  To take it a step further, try imaging a world where gods really did offer those kinds of miracles to their worshipers.  People would be insanely religious.  Take today’s religious activists and multiply by several orders of magnitude.  Imagine clerics who could simply cure the sick, cure diseases, cure the wounded, and even raise the dead!  Why bother with assassinations – surely the King can afford a resurrection or two.

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