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Weapon Rules & Complexity


So, I’m going to stew on the ramifications of changing the core attack mechanic away from a hit-damage combo to a one-roll mechanic.

In the meantime, I’m going to talk a little bit about what attacking with different weapons should feel like. You could get real specific with different weapons.  Longswords outreach short swords, spears can attack from a rank back, flails can bypass shields, etc.  You could even go to different attack patterns/maneuvers with each weapon, and allow any class to progress through the ranks of each weapon.

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Depth vs Complexity

I was turned onto Extra-Credits by Turn Based Living.  I’ve just started watching some episodes.  I’ve found it a little bit difficult to navigate the content, but one video I thought was worth sharing was this discussion of Depth vs Complexity.

I worry that I’m building more complexity into Lost Worlds than I originally conceived, and I hope that depth that the rules provide is worth that added complexity.  I think I’ll need to take a second-draft look at all of these mechanics and make sure I’m not making this design unnecessarily difficult to play the game with the amount of depth I want to play.