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My Favorite Board Games #5-#1

After my last post’s #10 – #6, here are my top board games, #5 – #1.  I was really hoping to find a new top 5 game at GenCon this year, and I didn’t even end up playing one that has cracked my top 10, at least not yet.

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GenCon Recap pt.1

It took me awhile to do a full write-up of my GenCon experience.  I’m sure I’m missing several games & events, but this should be most everything I played or participated in while I was there.

The city of Indianapolis was very welcoming, with the local bars and restaurants putting up GenCon artwork and handing out special GenCon menus.  The food and drink was great, although the lines for the food trucks outside the convention hall could get pretty atrocious.  The hotels were walking distance and the convention center itself was very convenient, with tons of space for gamers to participate in scheduled events, or find rooms/tables to play the games they bought in the vendor hall.  Like many, I wish the vendor hall was open for more hours, as we’re trying to cram as many events into the day as possible, but I can understand why that wouldn’t be popular with the vendors.

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