Monthly Archives: July 2014

Sound for your Game

I’ve always thought about adding music into the game… I’ve read a lot of people who swear by it.  I noticed in advertisement that I actually clicked through (very rare for me!).  The service looks interesting and I’m considering subscribing.

It looks like they’re working officially with Paizo to do sounds for Rise of the Runelords campaign.



Still Kicking and Still Thinking About Resolution Mechanics

Had a good time revisiting this project yesterday and I’m getting the energy back up to start working on it again.  While the core mechanic probably doesn’t matter all that much, I’ve been reading a lot of debate in various threads around the internet regarding the virtues and faults of non-linear mechanics (like the one I am currently using).  

The main issue to me seems that with a bell-curve or pyramid distribution, the probabilities all fall in the middle of the range (which is the point, obviously).  The mechanic I am using measures success over your target, so it’s not just a succeed/fail system and so I do think the curve makes sense to use.

However, there is a lot of discussion about different activities one might take that should not be based on a normal distribution, but would be hard to model with a non-linear resolution mechanic.  Also, with all that probability in the middle of the range, a couple bonuses or penalties can end up putting all the probability ahead of you or behind you, making the game difficult to balance and unforgiving.