Still working on Lost Worlds

Taking a break from blogging let me start working on the actual game.  I’ve got a strong start on the ground-up structure.  I have character creation rules completed, along with some custom races and a set of core classes – including a bunch of (probably unbalanced) powers.  I have rules for health and dying and how you trigger powers and how a skill system (more like backgrounds from 13th age), as well as achievement powers and origin powers that tie you into the game from the beginning.

A feel like a big milestone has been reached, and now I’m resting from working on the game a bit.  The next step: some big decisions about the combat system – specifically how crunchy and tactical should it be. Similarly, I’ll want some specific rules for adventuring and interactions.

Still, progress is being made.  I’m going to ask my group of players to create characters using the current rules and then try and play through some combats with what I have sketched out now – knowing there are gaps and rough edges.


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