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Wisdom-Based Fighter

What does a Wisdom-Based fighter look like?  In response to this prior post, Andy talks about avoiding the pidgin-hole of classes tied to ability scores.  He gives the example of a Wisdom-based fighter.

To me what would really open things up (in theory) is the idea that some fighters might be awesome because they have high wisdom (i.e. they’re very observant and notice their enemies tendencies), because they have high intelligence (i.e. they’re very tactical). Certainly I could see a quarterstaff using fighter archetype be a high wisdom/high intelligence character with moderate strength, for example.

I wanted to expand on what that looks like.  There are a multitude of ways to accomplish this, but all of them add some level of complexity to the design and/or the player.

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Dice Chart Porn

There’s a nifty little site called AnyDice that lets you play with some dice probabilities and makes pretty charts and graphs for you.  You can do some basic stuff pretty easily, and with a little bit of programming, you can model some pretty sophisticated probability curves.

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Post #100 and FATE

This was an initial goal for the blog.  I didn’t really know if I would hit 100 posts, but here I am.  I’m traveling, but I thought I’d fit a quick post in today anyway, and maybe not one that’s just self-congratulatory for an accomplishment many have surpassed long ago.

So, I was thinking about FATE and how you roll 4d6 and count success as +1 and failure as -1, defined generally by a 1-2 = failure and 5-6 = success.  I was thinking about how that compares to other systems, and how it might compare to 2d10.

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Art & Inspirations


In keeping with lighter topics for the end of the week, I thought I’d post what I think is a useful resource to both GMs and Players alike.  I’ve been following and adding inspiring fantasy-genre art on deviant art for some time now.  I’m pretty sure you don’t need an account to see this page (let me know if it doesn’t work).  I have somewhere around 1000 pieces of art saved here from extremely talented deviant artists.

JackOfHearts’ Deviant Art Favorites

I’ve found that going through this folder is a near sure-fire way of inspiring something to use during a game, and works as both player and GM.  At some point, I’d love to commission one or more of the artists featured there to do some artwork for Lost Worlds, but that’s still a ways away, if it ever happens.

(The Mercenary image above is from ~alanlathwell)