A Peak at the Pro Game

I’ve slowed down a bit in the last couple of weeks.  I was going to try to keep it up at the same pace for another month or so, but I just haven’t made it as much of a priority lately with some competing drains on my time.

Today, I want to share the live playtest of D&D Next that’s available as part of the D&D Next playtest.  I’m not sure what my expectations were going into it.  I feel both disappointed and a little bit relieved that it seems just like a regular game of D&D.  It’s nice that they didn’t script it out or ham it up for the audience.

I’m interested to see what your reactions are to the session.

2 thoughts on “A Peak at the Pro Game

  1. wylliamjudd

    That’s the thing about D&D Next. It’s very definitely Dungeons and Dragons. It’s not a new RPG (which was sort of how 4e felt to me). Instead it’s an attempt to make D&D as good as it can be, while still being D&D. I’m not a huge fan of the d20, AC system, and there’s nothing they can do about that (except reign in the range of target values, which I think is the best thing they could do for that system, which they’re calling “bounded accuracy”).

    It’s a big improvement on D&D, but it’s certainly not the end all be all pencil and paper RPG. Far from it. Instead of trying to be more universal, it conveys a D&D feel very powerfully with spell components, a return to “Vancian” spellcasting, etc. It leaves tons of room for a new RPG with a different feel.


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