Armor and Armor Types

I think I’m going to simplify things for Lost Worlds here just a bit.  I think I’ll have four categories of armor:

  1. Unarmored (DR 0)
  2. Light Armor (DR 1)
  3. Medium Armor (DR 2)
  4. Heavy Armor (DR 4)

Various types of armor would fall into each of those.  Shields will have their own mechanic.  I’m planning on rating a character’s skill in use of each armor type on a scale of 0 to 5.  So you might have Light Armor skill 3/5 and Heavy Armor skill 0/5.

The scales might be unique to each type, but I’m thinking something along the lines of (this is very rough still!):

Rating 0: You are not proficient with using this type of armor.  You gain one less DR than the armor normally provides.  You cannot use any special combat powers.  You are considered encumbered and suffer all penalties for encumberance while wearing the armor.

Rating 1: You are proficient with using this type of armor.  You gain the standard DR and you can use combat powers that are not restricted by this armor type.  You still take penalties to your tactical speed and penalties to background checks that would reasonably be hampered by armor based on a DR multiplier (x1, x2, etc).

Rating 2: You gain the ability to don and remove the armor in half the time.

Rating 3: You are used to wearing armor of this type, and you take half the penalty to your speed and one less multiplier to your checks

Rating 4: You are better defended in this type of armor, your DR for armor increases by 1

Rating 5: You may treat this type of armor as if it was one weight-class lower for restrictions to powers and skill-based checks.

Now, I actually think I’ll have different ratings for different armor types.  The one above was designed with Medium armor in mind.  

4 thoughts on “Armor and Armor Types

    1. JackOfHearts Post author

      Plan is to advance by leveling up in classes that are skilled in that type of armor (or weapon, etc). Sort of like leveling up to a new tier of spells.

  1. wylliamjudd

    This sounds really complicated to me. I like the DR 0 DR 1 DR 2 DR 4 for armor categories. The five proficiency ratings sound daunting though. My opinion is that the drawback of each armor category should make upgrading to that category a real choice. If you are going to do proficiency, I would rather see a binary. “These are the drawbacks if you’re not proficient, these are the drawbacks if you are proficient.”

    I’m also not convinced that the jump from DR 2 to DR 4 is necessary. That seems extremely powerful, and like it would require some steep penalties to make the choice interesting.

    One thing I’d like to point out about that, is that having a lower spread from first level through the highest level, tends to support a low-magic theme.

    1. JackOfHearts Post author

      I’ve been debating that as well. Without any play-testing, I sort of wanted a clear “heavily-armored” themed character that had the same jump (1-2 100%, 2-4 100%) over the medium armor. I wanted that heavy armor to feel significantly different than the medium. I’m debating that still, and will probably need to do some play testing of it.

      I agree, the 5 levels of proficiency for various items is complicated, and maybe overly complicated. I’m debating putting those advancing proficiency powers back into class structures. Again, the concept is to make fighting with a spear feel different than fighting with a battle axe. I think you can accomplish that through different item attributes, or different class abilities.

      In the end, that may not even be all that important, but it’s a concept I’m playing with.


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