Status Update

I’ve made a decent amount of progress through writing the rules.  There are some major blank spots still, but I haven’t had as much time to work on it all as I would have liked.  I’ve got plenty of time though, I was thinking it’d be something I could play-test after the KM campaign concluded – or even after the next campaign that Andy’s planning to run.

I have rough drafts written for quite a few sections including:

About the Game, Aspects, Backgrounds, Achievements, Character Creation “Feats”, Distinction Powers, Races, Classes, Ability Scores, and even rougher drafts of a few more areas.

If you’re playing in my game and want to go over some of it with me, let me know.  I’m worried, and maybe this is just paranoia, about involving all of you too much in the direct design process, because I don’t want you to be sick of the system before you even play!

3 thoughts on “Status Update

    1. JackOfHearts Post author

      I may try to do that sometime in the next month or so, before Gen Con. Run through some character creation and see how that works out, and then have some encounters of varying levels for those characters we create for the playtest (the first “iconic” Lost Worlds characters!).


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