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First Draft: Character Sheet

Here is the first draft of the character sheet for Lost Worlds.  It almost looks playable!  Let me know what you think.  Click on the image for the large scale version.

Lost Worlds Character Sheet 6-9-2013

Update: I forgot to include “level” below class.  There’s room for it there, so I’m not sure why I didn’t have it in this image.



So, one of the things that D&D Next is planning to do is get rid of the three core defenses, and replace them with saves linked straight to your attributes.  This is something I’ve been considering for Lost Worlds, but hadn’t instituted because it makes it harder to give a class a bonus to a specific defense, or to scale that defense as you gain in power.

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Attack Rolls

In the comments on my first draft of a spell school, Dustin makes an interesting observation:

Ah, I prefer not to have a ‘to hit’ roll at all, just have the variance be in the magnitude of the effect. As you say, it feels ‘off’ to kill or significantly affect something on a ‘miss’. I just think some of the least fun gameplay happens when a person waits for their turn, plans something, and then nothing happens because of a bad roll (which at least in part describes every single miss in the game). And if I fudge something as DM because they were extra excited, that sends a message that if you ask really nicely, anything will work (which leads to BAD NEWS).

You could pretty easily just have damage rolls, and if there is an ‘effect’ attached to it, decide on a watered down version if the damage roll is below a threshold (watered down could include ‘doesn’t happen’, as long as other stuff, like damage, does happen).

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Equipment Lists

How many things do you want to be able to buy, as a player.  Do you want to know a standard price for them?  As the GM, do you wish you had a reference for the cost of a two-story house, smoked trout, or snakeskin boots – or do you hate even thinking about how much a writing desk would set back one of your players?

I’m debating between a simplified system of equipment, or an extremely thorough list (maybe in an appendix).

Status Update

I’ve made a decent amount of progress through writing the rules.  There are some major blank spots still, but I haven’t had as much time to work on it all as I would have liked.  I’ve got plenty of time though, I was thinking it’d be something I could play-test after the KM campaign concluded – or even after the next campaign that Andy’s planning to run.

I have rough drafts written for quite a few sections including:

About the Game, Aspects, Backgrounds, Achievements, Character Creation “Feats”, Distinction Powers, Races, Classes, Ability Scores, and even rougher drafts of a few more areas.

If you’re playing in my game and want to go over some of it with me, let me know.  I’m worried, and maybe this is just paranoia, about involving all of you too much in the direct design process, because I don’t want you to be sick of the system before you even play!

Another How-To-Play Post

I am going for the Hack & Slash trifecta this week.  Today I’m linking to a How-To-Play post from -C.  This how-to-play post is meant to be read from an old-school gaming angle.

I’ve actually started writing my own for Lost Worlds, which I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous to post here.