First Draft: Races

I have some conflicting goals with the first draft of races.  If I make them ethnicity instead of races, I need quite a few to have a fleshed out area to explore in.  On the other hand, I want the basic build of the game to keep things simple with just a few races.  I think I’m going to write up about 8 races, and make 4 available initially.  I have 9 examples below, although the final draft may have more or less (if some don’t make the cut).


Olive skinned with dark hair, the Carcadians are barbarians with naval power. With warships and fury, they extended their empire – but it’s been receding over the last few generations.  The Carcadians still posses a vast empire, and their people are proud and trained in rural militias and view service to the empire as the greatest virtue.


Tattooed men who have their major life events and sacred symbols tattooed all over their bodies. The dead are skinned at their death and their tattooed skins are stretched and mounted, serving as lasting pieces of art for their families, recounting the lives and memories of those who have passed before them.


All Oranaki have white hair and gray eyes, although as a culture, they like to dye their hair into a myriad of colors. Some also undergo a special ritual to dye their eyes.  Oranaki value personal liberties and decisions are made on consensus where every group has equal say.  Oranaki culture refers to three Truths: Peace, Righteousness, and Power.


Basilian tradition places great emphasis on the kingdom’s great heroes, called Exemplars, and teaches that immortality is achieved through the memory of your actions in this life.  Basilians view themselves as morally and technologically advanced, and believe it their destiny to expand their reach into neighboring barbaric lands, to spread good and order across the world.


The Kaarlanders are a strongly religious people.  Many of their people believe it is the Kaarlanders who must battle the spirit’s of the netherworld who attempt to invade the world in the night, and so many Kaarlanders follow a conservative sect that train their followers to be mostly nocturnal.  As a result, many Kaarlanders sleep very little and are active at night, so they can be diligent against the spirits in their strongest time.


The pale-skinned and fiery haired Rakeshi are a tribal people that believes in the spiritual importance of their homeland which is an arctic wasteland through most of the year.  Due to severe resource limitations, children are simply called “Rajek” for son or “Faja” for daughter.  Upon reaching the age of 15, all tribal children must test themselves in the Proving Lands. Rakeshi children must return from the proving lands with the scalp of another Rakeshi in order to return to their tribe with honor and receive a name.


In the lush and mountainous land of their home, the brown-skinned and tall Lacaushans build stone temples for monks secluded from the world. They experiment with agriculture, and through their wisdom and knowledge, have tamed the warlike tribes around them. Their brilliance in agriculture has led to a time of unparalleled peace.  Rumors abound that they also guard a vault containing the most valuable treasures in the world.  They have a Matriarchal society.


The newly-formed Kingdom Of Tomay recently won independence from the larger kingdom of Basilia. Tomay rose against the perceived theft of natural resources, specifically silver. The hero of Tomay, Sir Antony Florence, now serves as General of its armies, and his father is now King Phillipe, the first of his name.  Tomeks are fierce and stubborn when put on the defensive, and with their recent successes are a strongly ambitious people.


The people of the mask are primarily concerned with the sanctity of their privacy. Each child is given a mask base upon reaching five years of age. This mask is worn in all social interactions outside of the child’s immediate family until marriage, at which time tradition holds that the couple view the face of their lover for the first time. At the age of 16 for men, and upon marriage for women, a new mask is gifted to each person, and their prior mask is worn only among family.  Others perceive them as con-men and perverts, attributing their extreme value of privacy to untrustworthiness.

4 thoughts on “First Draft: Races

    1. JackOfHearts Post author

      Thanks, I think there may be too many to start. I may have all of them available in the book, but have 2-4 labeled “unlockable” for our game (along with potentially dozens of others that are unlockable that you don’t know all about to begin the game).

  1. Andy

    Sounds awesome. I could certainly see only a couple of them being unlockable at first. Then we could work to develop the background on the races with our character backgrounds and initial interactions.


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