First Draft: Ability Scores

The ability scores are tentatively set.  I think I will tentatively rate them on a 10 scale, at least for now.  If I move the core mechanic around, that scale might change.  I think that a 10 would be something like a Giant or a Dragon, and a high strength for a normal human would be somewhere around 6 or 7.  I don’t think of each step as an even increment, I think of each step as something closer to a standard deviation.  The average human score would be a 3 or 4, with standard deviations going up or down from there.

Physical Attributes

Strength measures a character’s ability to lift weights, use heavy items, and effectively fight in combat.

Agility determines a character’s reflexes, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination.

Speed determines how fast a character can move.

Vitality determines how healthy a character is, and how much damage they can take before they’re incapacitated.

Mental Attributes

Intelligence is a measure of a character’s knowledge and ability to learn.

Willpower is a measure of a character’s mental fortitude and discipline.

Charisma determines a character’s ability to influence others.

Awareness represents a character’s ability to observe and sense their surroundings.

5 thoughts on “First Draft: Ability Scores

  1. Andy

    I think we should either:

    1) Have total customization (point buy)


    2) Have random stat generation straight down the page (no picking which rolls go with which stats) with the only caveat that very low and very high rolls are thrown out.

    Basically, this lets me know how I’m going to create a character. I hate when I come up with a character concept that sounds really interesting and then realize that I don’t have stats that correspond to the character I’m trying to create him, even if I rolled relatively “well” (say I wanted an extremely strong character and dumb character but my character rolled well on all stats – just doesn’t fit the concept). I DO enjoy taking the scores and then making a character based on them. That might be the way to go to prevent uber-optimization. BUT, random point buy isn’t fun when one player has an uber strong character and another character has a very weak character, which is why I think rolls that are both too high and too low should be thrown out.

  2. Andy

    I’m good with these stats, I just want to reemphasize that we need to make sure the system design doesn’t allow “STR” or “AGI” to be the dominant uber stat like it is in so many other games.

    Particularly looking at speed, charisma and awareness.

    1. JackOfHearts Post author

      Speed I think will end up being very important (how far can you move in a round). Charisma can either be made important by connecting it to some abilities, or by emphasizing more social interactions. Awareness – now that may be a tough one to get completely balanced, so we’ll need to be careful with it – but in a world that’s more dangerous, I think awareness may end up being more important than people initially think.


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