Music / Ambient Sound During the Game

A lot of games get credit for the great soundtracks they have.  Final Fantasy is a standout in this.  I’m curious, if I had the time and energy to put something together, do you think background music would enhance or distract from your RPG game experience?

I’ve considered putting in the effort to find tracks for different sections of adventures, or different places.  Maybe battle music that’s based on the type of creature you are fighting.  Your party’s bard, if there is one, could then pick some “songs” that actually are played during the fight that are different from the standard music when they are performing.

Each town could have its own theme song (hopefully it’s long enough that looping while in town doesn’t get too terrible).  Each dungeon could have a set of songs, etc.  If only there wasn’t so much work to do to find something usable for this.  I think it might be a really interesting way to immerse in the game.  While there is some work in it, I could grab a bunch of sound tracks for movies and games and try to pick a little playlist of a few songs each for different areas and for different combats.

I could also get some abient nature sounds for forests, rivers, lakes, etc – and play that during the game.  I wonder how different that would feel.


4 thoughts on “Music / Ambient Sound During the Game

  1. Brian

    If done well – I think music can really add to the mood. They key word being “well”. It is difficult to do – or was at least for me. When I have the occasion to sit down and play some of the rpg’s with great scores, there are some pretty epic moments when the music hits just right and gets my heart beating a little faster.

    1. JackOfHearts Post author

      I agree it’s difficult to do well. I’d pay money to have some well-done sound track music set up for me for various regions, towns, dungeons, combats, etc. I did collect a bunch of music and start categorizing it awhile back. I may try to use it at some point.

  2. Andy

    I voted that I’d enjoy having music in the game. I don’t think its necessary to put on repeat when you’re in town or anything like that (although it wouldn’t bother me either), but for particularly important or unique encounters I think it can add something to the setting.

    1. JackOfHearts Post author

      I may put on the Skyrim soundtrack or something next time we play, and see how that goes as ambient background. I’ll need to find some time to actually work on getting sound for specific encounters. Just a lot of work to organize all of that, and do it well.


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