I have to admit, I have a small fear of snakes, but in D&D – we’ll, sometimes they come off as a little bit boring.  If only I could evoke the absolute terror I’d feel if I encountered this out in the wild.


6 thoughts on “Snakes

  1. Brian

    Snakes are at least mostly visible and aren’t too much of a problem in my opinion. If you are in an area where snakes might be then you can take precautions. Sure there are some potential dangers with certain species – but more often than not the snake has much more to fear of you than you do from it.

    Parasites on the other hand…lurking everywhere, invisible, and very deadly. Just not nearly exciting….I can imagine a conversation between to players recalling fallen characters.

    Bob: Man last sessions fight was pretty epic!
    John: I know right – We stormed the castle, defeated the undead guards…
    Bob …smashed the orb of death, and defeated the evil lich Xykon!
    John: Yea…too bad after all that you drank the castles well water, caught dysentery and died after several days of severe diarrhea….

    How about carnivorous roaches? I hate roaches and the thought of those bastards swarming over me and nibbling on my flesh is terrifying…

    1. JackOfHearts Post author

      Noted. Carnivorous Roaches will be in the monster manual. Also, I call BS on that snake – trust me, it hasn’t gotten that big by being mostly visible, and it wants to eat you. To this thing, you’re just a mouse, and it’s going to catch you if it’s hungry.

  2. Brian

    True – if it is hungry – but snakes that big eat larger prey and need to eat very infrequently. And yes – one on one you stand little chance if you aren’t prepared, but a group of adventurers – the snake becomes a belt.

    I do think with a little tweaking snakes could be far far more dangerous…Give them a little smarts or just a different hunting tactic than we are used to and boom – much more deadly.

    Perhaps a pack of snakes that hunt like wolves?

    Or some that actively hunt prey (some do but most are passive hunters – awaiting prey of opportunity) and your nights watch becomes a meal…

    Weirdly I’ve been having thoughts of being eaten by large animals …and its quite disturbing to think about…makes me shudder just writing that…remind me to carry bear mace at all times…

  3. Andy

    I think that’s where naga’s came from Brian. I think i’m like Brian. I’m generally more terrified by things I can’t see. I concur on the roaches. In the same way, a lot of jellyfish would be truly terrifying to adventurers. Tiny (some so small you can’t even see them) and potentially deadly. Save vs. poison every round or DIE.

    1. JackOfHearts Post author

      Yeah, a lot of these things though don’t turn out to be a whole lot of fun during play. They would be very frightening, which would have an interesting emotional impact, but it would also feel pretty rigged I think.

      The hardest fight wasn’t against the demon lord – it was the jelly fish!


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