Factions Revisited

Andy, in the comments on Factions, wrote:

First thing that comes to mind is bonuses and penalties to diplomacy type rolls and selling/buying prices. One simple chart should do the trick I think. Maybe if you get a high enough score with one faction you get the opportunity to buy some of their “special, unlisted” items. Or maybe you get a house in that city or an awesome item if your score is maxed out. Marriage proposals, orgies at the local brothel, etc. Just some ideas.

I think a lot of this can just be pushed onto the GM rather than the game.  I think what would be useful though is to have a framework for factions that looks something like:

Faction Scale: -10 to 10

  • Action A: +2 pts to scale
  • Action B: -5 pts to scale
  • Action C: +10 pts to scale
  • etc.

And then…

  • Faction Benefits: 0+
  • Faction Benefits: 5+
  • Faction Benefits 10+
  • Faction Peanlties: 0-
  • Faction Penalties: -5-
  • Faction Penalties: -10-

Along with some example factions, this would give the system an actual frame to hang factions on.  And of course the thresholds could be moved around as needed.

To drive it home as a “real” thing the system intends for use, It would be nice then to have a Factions list on the character sheet, along with a rating.  While it might be interesting for that rating to be secret from the players (and maybe the GM could keep it that way to spice things up for special circumstances) I think it’s more accessable and useful if the players know how their actions impact various factions, and have a rough idea of where they stand with each faction.

To begin the game, you might have some part of character generation determine an initial rating with these factions.

2 thoughts on “Factions Revisited

  1. Andy

    I like this a lot. Simple enough to monitor but gives a mechanical impact to role-playing (both positive and negative), which is a nice change of pace.

    1. JackOfHearts Post author

      I think I’ll use it. I think I may give up on the idea of a shared campaign world though due to lack of interest from most of the group on that – or maybe wait until after KM and have a lull where we work on it together. Not sure people would want to do that even if KM was done though.


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