How to Play a Character

Alexis is certainly passionate about D&D.  He covers a lot of ground here, but I’m curious about your perspective as players.  Maybe it will inspire some counterarguments or even a treatise of your own.

One thought on “How to Play a Character

  1. Gary'sghost

    Guy is a douchebag. He spends half the time telling people not to listen to the false authority of the DM, then sets himself up as ultimate authority of what constitutes “fun.” He calls anyone who actually enjoys the beer-n-pretzels style “childish,” while he pushes a clumsy method-acting school of over the-the-top character immersion that would get him laughed out of any game I’ve ever seen. His idea of good play is ‘go into the bar and randomly slap some patrons around in order to be proactive?’ Do that in most games and your character will live about 5 minutes, if you’re lucky.
    Smolensk is a tool.


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