Night of the Zombie King

Do yourself a favor and watch this miniseries.


Each episode is between 5-8 minutes, and there are 6 episodes total, so we’re talking about 30-45 minutes here.  In that very short amount of time, the people behind this series take you through a wide range of emotions and stories that anyone can relate to.  There’s reunion, regret, excitement, hopelessness, love, anger, humor, and sacrifice.  It also a rare mature-view of what it’s like to play RPGs and the social implications and how it all fits into a person’s life.  It’s been around for awhile (2010), but it’s worth a second look even if you’ve watched it before.

Its bigger cousin, Gold the Series, is good, but I think Night of the Zombie King is quite a bit more powerful and gives you a lot more bang for the buck.

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