Gods and their Clerics


A pantheon of gods is pretty clearly within the domain of campaign setting, but for Lost Worlds, we’ll need a default.  Older versions of D&D focused on a polytheistic world similar to Norse or Greek mythology.  I think with Lost Worlds, I’m looking for something a bit closer to Game of Thrones, where gods and church are prevalent  but for the most part, any particular region has only one god they worship (although some may still be polytheistic).

I want each region to have its own god or set of gods.  I want true clerics (priests capable of performing miracles) of those gods to be relatively rare, and I want the powers granted to these clerics to be thematic to the type of god they worship.  This allows a majority of people to likely not have witnessed true miracles, leaving room for actual doubt and faith in the world.  It also allows for cultural world exploration to matter, as you don’t have the same pantheon with the same clerics and same spells everywhere you might go.

I’m also interested in a collaborative world-building process.  I like the idea that players will have knowledge over bits and pieces of the world that none of the characters have encountered yet, and get a little nod when something they designed shows up in play.  I don’t know how interested everyone is in the shared world-building process though, so we’ll see how this goes.

So – I’m asking for readers to create or suggest some content, in the comments, for concepts of deities and their clergies.  I think a paragraph or so that describes what the god is about, what their clergy and worship looks like or believes, is sufficient.  Strange holidays, rituals, practices, etc could all be used.  The concepts should be about 4 to 8 sentences per deity.  It doesn’t have to be perfect since we’re just brainstorming some ideas, so don’t be afraid to post some thoughts, even if they aren’t well-formed or quite coherent yet.

2 thoughts on “Gods and their Clerics

  1. Andy

    I have a hard time coming up with a deity without a developed culture to pair it with. I think this will be easier once we’ve developed some regions/cultures.

  2. JackOfHearts Post author

    Yeah, I’m not sure which way is easier for me. When I think about a culture, there’s a lot of things that implies – and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. When I think about a deity, it’s distilled into a specific theme that you could then extrapolate into a society.

    Of course, you could build a society starting with other themes as well. In my prior email to the group, I think I used a “value” as the starting place to germinate a society – which isn’t too different than starting with a deity I think.


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