I don’t think anyone in my play-group has played Dungeons and Dragons type: Old-school where the players roll one die and the monsters roll one die and the highest roll goes first, as a team, in any order they want.

I’m wondering how you’d prefer to handle this for Lost Worlds.

Group Initiative

I think Zak summarizes the benefits of group initiative pretty well here.  Read it and then come back.

Individual Initiative

I think you all have played individual initiative for long enough that I don’t really need to go into detail on it as a method for determining initiative.  Instead, I think I’ll just ask: What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Initiative

  1. Andy

    Even after reading the blog, I’m pretty sure I still prefer the way we currently do initiative. First, removing initiative removes options that rely on initiative (and reduces customization). Second, and most importantly, I think group initiative would create way more “GROUP TACTICS” than individual initiative does. I.E. – Ok this round we’re all going to step back and let wizard fire a black tentacle. Round 2 we’re all going to organize into perfect flanking position, etc. I just think it’ll end up killing the realism of what is supposed to be a disorganized, chaotic fight. Not a tactical battle of two armies. We can make these things happen in inidividual initiative but we only do it when it really matters. Not every round.

    I guess at the end of the day I think group initiative creates a worse problem than it solves. BTW – I think both votes for individual initiative are mine. My bad!

  2. JackOfHearts Post author

    To some degree that’s true, but during battle, at least with the pacing that I allow (although I’m tempted to find some mechanical way to speed up the pace), our group spends quite a bit of time on group tactics already. Sometimes that gets foiled by intervening actions, so from that perspective, you’re right it’s more chaotic. I wonder if going to group initiative would be more engaging for everyone throughout the battle instead of just on their turn, and whether that’s worth the trade-off. Also, it could speed up using group tactics, since there’s less uncertainty, which would mean combat rounds move quicker with less deliberation between players.

    1. Andrew

      I’m worried group initiative would result in us getting bogged down into trying to optimize every turn with the most ideal and synergistic actions of each member. Or, my personal hell

    2. Andy

      There will already be less options due to less magic items and less magic overall. I think we’re walking a fine line here. If you want “speed” to be an attribute, to me it makes sense to give it a bonus to initiative as well to make it more well rounded (and more balanced with other stats).

      Group initiative makes it more of a team battle. I’m worried I would tell other people what to do (more than I do now) if we were always working together. The more I think about it, the more I am opposed.

      1. Andy

        Less experienced people would have less autonomy over their own actions, I guess is what I’m getting at.

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